MGM Resorts International’s strategic plan for environmental responsibility is designed to reduce our consumption of the planet’s limited resources. Through our comprehensive sustainability platform, the Green Advantage, we are able to integrate environmentally responsible practices which effectively lower the carbon footprint of our operations, including our resorts, restaurants, retail spaces, meetings and conventions.

To achieve our sustainability goals, Green Advantage focuses our efforts on five core areas that drive our continuous improvements and positive environmental impact:

Within these five core areas we create, implement and measure sustainable strategies in collaboration with our properties’ Green Teams and 62,000 MGM Resort’ employees. The result is that hundreds of best practices have been implemented within each area and MGM Resort properties have prevented nearly 660,000 pounds of CO2E.

With our properties hosting millions of visitors every year, we recognize our responsibility to positively influence our guests. Through the MGM Resorts Green Advantage, we aim to educate our customers on the vast environmental benefits in which they can share by visiting our properties.